This is Week 1 of our social venture.

All of us from Harmy's Lair (Harmy, Salem, and Red) would like to welcome you to our weekly get togethers where we go over what is on our minds and have fun. This week we were talking about our busy weekend of wedding crashing and projects that we need to finish. Both Red and I (Harmy) are going to a cousin's wedding which we are positive that will end in a train wreck. Some ultimate planning on our part was reviewed and here is what we know for sure. First we are wearing black and red to a morning wedding, which we recently found out is frowned upon, but we don't care. Alcohol is prohibited from this event because of the groom's parents. We are bringing our own alcohol, because honestly a dry wedding is boring. And thirdly I am trying to get Red to bring a video camera so he can attempt to record wedding day confessions from friends and family. It was not determined whether there would be a public viewing of this tape, it it were to happen. Red was sad that his hat for tomorrow had a lack of red on it, so I had a brain child and made this felt flower pin. I don't remember the last time I made anything out of felt, but it came out how I wanted it. (Picture below)
Salem brought up all her ideas for her new site launch that she has been working so hard on recently. I really hope she does well. I will provide links and photos soon. Talking with Salem is a balance of different brain waves we both have. Its like she has the well thought out plan of action and I am just like get me to the bottom line with pictures and descriptions. We both agree that getting your items out there for people to notice is not as easy as some make it sound, but when it is done correctly and people start to notice it works out.

Now on to a segment we will lovingly refer to as "Quick Question".

If a unicorn ordered a coffee/tea what would it be and would it hinder its ability to fly temporarily?

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